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"First being diagnosed feels like you have been given a life sentence. You feel isolated and alone. You are left within the whirlwind of your thoughts and emotions. It is a mental and emotional rollercoaster of coming to terms with the new reality that you have HIV. Though it can be seen as a life sentence, in terms of it being a lifelong medical condition, you remain free. This is one of many chapters in your life; with much of the journey, and its conclusion, still to be written.


It is a new chapter, and a new beginning, of self awareness, individual purpose, and happiness. Living with this chronic condition, undoubtedly has its calm waters and turbulent storms; but it doesn’t define  who you are. You have the power to chart your course; on your journey through life. 


That being said, turn living with HIV from a perceived weakness, into a strength. Recognize it for what it is, but also have the realization, that it has brought forth positive change in your life. I know this to be true, because I too am HIV positive. With one step forward at a time, let us enjoy this journey together."


- James

Before I was diagnosed AIDS positive I had a seizure they said the AIDS went straight to my brain causing SHRINKAGE  on the left side of my brain that's what triggered dementia. But God is keeping me for a reason and it's to share my testimony to help people.  The disease attacks different parts of your body and it just happen to go to my brain they said if I came back out of that and I don't die I will never be the same they said I would never write again a day in my life and guess what I wrote a play called STIGMATIZED I'm working on a book about my life and I am a poet.  TAKE THAT DEVIL 😈

- Twana